Click here for information on the in-person NYSSMA Adjudication Festival at Longwood JHS on May 25, 2022

Dates for Other Festivals:

All State Auditions for Sophomores and Juniors
May 13 - 14, 2022
Bellport High School

School-Day Instrumental Festival

June 1, 2022
High School Auditorium

School-Day Choral Festival
June 2, 2022
Junior High School Auditorium

If you are new to the NYSSMA adjudication process, following are answers to some common questions:

What is NYSSMA and what is a NYSSMA Festival?

NYSSMA is an acronym for the New York State School Music Association. NYSSMA holds many solo and ensemble festivals across the State that serve more than 100,000 students. The Longwood festival will serve approximately 600 students who perform vocally and on piano, stringed, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. 

High school students wishing to be adjudicated on an all-state solo must perform at a separate local festival. Longwood teachers will register students for this opportunity and discuss additional requirements.

How do I perform?

Students work with their music teacher to prepare a solo that is selected from a list of songs published in NYSSMA’s manual of approved music. They are categorized into levels of difficulty, I – VI and VI-All State. Depending on the level of the solo, students must also memorize a certain amount of scales and be prepared to sight-read approximately eight (8) measures of music.

This is done in front of an adjudicator who will provide written comments and feedback on each student’s performance. Depending on the rating they receive from the level of music they perform, students may be recommended for festivals held by the Suffolk County Music Educators Association (SCMEA) and the Suffolk chapter of the New York State Council of Music Administrators (NYSCAME).

Students performing an All State level solo may also be eligible for All-Eastern or All-National festivals.

Teachers will schedule the students to perform at our NYSSMA festival. While not guaranteed, every effort will be made to accommodate specific time requests. Students should arrive to the Festival approximately thirty (30) minutes early to warm-up.

Dress nicely – you want to make a great impression!

What does it cost?

Students must pay the following fee for our Solo Festival on Wednesday, May 25th:

$16.00 Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Vocal, String Solo and Ensemble Levels  I-IV
$24.00 Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Vocal, String Solo and Ensemble Levels V-VI
$22.00 Piano I-IV
$30.00 Piano V-VI
$30.00 All State

Please remit a NON-REFUNDABLE check or Money Order to your child’s music teacher,
made payable to the Longwood School District

Include child’s name in “Memo” section. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

What does my child need to bring to the Festival?

Besides their confidence, instrument, and musicianship, students must bring two (2) original copies of the solo to be performed - one for the student and one for the adjudicator.

Photocopies violate copyright laws and are not allowed at NYSSMA Festivals. If a soloist brings a photocopy to the Festival, he or she will not be allowed to perform.

Please know that a NYSSMA Festival is NOT a competition. Students do not attend to “win first chair” or to “play better” than someone else. Adjudication gives them expert advice to grow and become a better musician.

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